Environmental story


It is no longer enough to simply reduce and recycle to protect the environment. What is needed is sustainability, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.
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At Phoenox textiles (the company that brings you Hug@Home) we always strive to embed sustainable practices in every part of our business and we are proud to be a zero to landfill company. Based in West Yorkshire, an area that has always been at the heart of the UK’s textile industry, we employ a large local workforce, many within walking distance of our factory. The beauty of this region has inspired us in a sustainable strategy to minimise the environmental impact with products that reduce waste and cut down the use of scarce natural resources. This philosophy has led us to developing and creating environmentally sustainable products. We constantly look for ways to improve our environmental credentials, from recycling our water and waste to using renewable energy to power our machines.


Hug Rug
The use of recycled materials is big news at the moment but we have been recycling cotton and plastic bottles for over 10 years! Hug Rug was designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly from the outset. We wanted to develop a product that took materials that would be thrown away and create a practical product that people would love.

The waste materials we use for hug rug include: 

• millions of recycled cotton garments per year in the tufting – our philosophy is to reuse don’t abuse natural resources

 • millions of recycled plastic bottles per year are used to create an extra tough membrane that bonds the tufts to the backing 

• we add over 100 tonnes of renewable rubber and post industrial plastics into the rubber backing per year 

• Recycle millions of litres of water per year to run our Yorkshire mills.

Environmental story

From the sourcing of these materials, the development of entirely new manufacturing processes, using cleaner/greener sources of electricity made by hydro pumps, windmill farms and solar, through to the Hug Rug’s disposal and recycling, we try to consider everything to ensure the products we make have as light an environmental footprint as possible. 

We launched Hug Rug our award winning cotton barrier mats in 2008 and they have become more popular year on year. The secret to this success is that, as well as being eco-friendly, the product really works, trapping dirt dust and mud and being super absorbent – everything you want from a barrier mat, pair that with great design and it’s easy to see why customers keep coming back.

The development of environmentally friendly products is a continuous process. We are constantly looking to improve manufacturing techniques and use of sustainable materials.

Following on from the development of HugRug all mats and rugs made in our Yorkshire mills now use the recycled PET bottle membrane, allowing us to recycle even more plastic bottles. Also the rubber backing on every product we make now contains renewable rubber and post industrial plastics.

Our most recent development has been HugRug Woven, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. It is another example of turning a throw away product with a very short life into something practical that will look fabulous for many years to come. Keeping the plastic out of the oceans and landfill. We are very excited about these products and are looking forward to extending the range.

My Mat Coir, one of natures wonder materials, is made with 100% natural coconut husk fibres. Again we have added great design to produce a product that if looked after can last for years and at the end of it’s useful life will naturally biodegrade.